Popular Party Games

Entertaining kids at a party could pose as a nightmare for some, but to balance all the sugar highs from all the lollies and birthday cake, why not organise some party games that will not only entertain the kids, but also give the parents some chill out time to sit and relax.

Here are some well-known party games that will be a hit at your next party:

  1. Lucky Dip Box
    To entertain the kids, you need to provide them with as many little toys and gifts that make them feel special, even if it isn’t their birthday party.
    To do this, individually wrap up as many little items and place them in a Lucky Dip box. You can have one main box, or separate it between boy’s toys and girl’s toys.
  2. Pass the parcel
    All you need are small prizes, bubbles, toys, whistles, etc, that you wrap throughout each layer of the parcel. The main prize would be left until last as the main gift that is wrapped up for the lucky kid who wins.
    Ones all the gifts are wrapped together, arrange all the kids in a circle, have some music playing (which you can stop at any time) and make sure that each child has a go at unwrapping and winning a prize.
  3. Dress-up
    All you need with this game is to place all outfits and other clothing items (hats, wigs, glasses, etc) into one large box and let the kids some free play to dress up as any funny character they like.
  4. Balloon Bust

    All you need for this game is loads of balloons. Blow each balloon up to a decent size and arrange them within a confined area where they won’t fly away or be moved to another room.
    When ready, get the kids to burst as many balloons as possible within a certain time limit. The child that pops the most will win a choice of a toy in the lucky dip box.
  5. Musical Chairs
    Musical Chairs

    To play this game, you will need a similar amount of chairs as there are children, and some music. While the music is playing, get the children to walk, skip or run around until the music stops. Once the music stops each child is to quickly find themselves a chair to sit on. The child/ren that don’t have a chair will need to sit out of the game and the next round is played, until there is one child that remains.
  6. Ping-Pong Toss
    Arrange a few buckets in a row and have the children to stand behind a line (a certain distance from the buckets – you can decide how far apart it should be). All that is required is for each child to aim to bounce as many ping-pong balls into any of the buckets. Instead of ping-pong balls, why not try tennis balls, or some other bouncy items.
  7. Doughnut Dangle
    You will need string, doughnuts and a clothes line.
    Tie each doughnut onto a long piece of string and evenly tie them to your clothes line. Make sure that the string is long enough for each child to be able to reach the item with their mouth. All that is left to do is to get the children to start eating the doughnut at the same time. The one that finishes all of their doughnut is the winner.
  8. Piñata
    You can purchase these pre-filled or filled, or you can simply make your own. Once the piñata is ready, hang it on a tree and allow each child to have a go at hitting it, until all it’s goodies cover the floor for the kids to collect.
  9. Treasure Hunts

    To have all the kids working together to locate the hidden treasure (which could be chocolate gold coins and other toys), draw a map that gives the children clues of where they are to look. When they find the location, they will be provided with another clue for the next location. Once they finally find the hidden treasure they can fill their lolly bags with all the treasure they’ve found.
  10. Bubble Pop
    For this game, all you’d need to get is some liquid bubbles and have some volunteers to blow bubbles. Otherwise, purchase a bubble blowing machine that will automatically blow the bubbles for you.
    All the kids have to do is for them to run around and catch the bubbles.
  11. Face Painting
    Face Paints
    If you are quite the artist, then why not purchase some face paints and paint pictures on the children’s faces?
  12. Craft Time
    Why not get them to create or make some crafts. This could be things like origami or make themselves a crown. Make sure that you have enough glue, paper, child-safe scissors and any other bits and pieces that you’d believe that they’d need to let their imaginations run wild. Not only does it get the children to sit down in the one location and keep them amused, but they also take home what they’ve made as a memento of the party.
  13. Aeroplane Toss
    This could be one for the older kids who have the skills to make and fold paper into paper planes. Or, you can have the parents get involved too. Once everyone is finished, everyone has a go at throwing their planes. The plane that flies the furthest, wins.

There are heaps more games that you can play that will entertain children of any age, even games that will get the adults involved. Kids love to play, so allow them to run around and have fun.