DIY Birthday Decoration Ideas

Dream Streamers

Don’t underestimate this budget buy: They come in virtually every colour, so put them to work.

Birthday Craft Dreamer Streamers Make A TentRyan Liebe

1. Make a Tent

Cut 60 strips of streamers about 54 inches long (for a three-color pattern, buy at least one roll per shade). Measure three equidistant points around a hula hoop and tie on three 2-foot-long pieces of fishing line. Knot them together about 18 inches from the top of the hoop, and hang it in your work area. Loop the end of a streamer around the hoop, and use double-stick tape to secure it. (Be sure to tape the loop to the paper and not the hoop so it slides.) Overlap each one slightly and alternate colors. To make the top, cut about 30 strips about 24 inches long. Tape each streamer to the outside edge of the hoop—but this time, use one strip for every two on the bottom, matching the colors if you prefer. Once you’ve attached four or five, gather and layer the ends and tape together; then secure to the center fishing line. Repeat all around the hoop. Tie a ribbon or short streamer around the top.

2. Hang a Backdrop

Birthday Craft Hang A Backdrop Green Blue Yellow

Amber Day

Place four rows of masking tape on the wall about 18 inches apart. They can be as wide as you like. Cut 20-inch-long pieces (we used 20) in each of your colors. Start at the bottom row and attach your darkest streamers with tape, slightly overlapping as you go. Cut the ends diagonally at different lengths to create fluff. Repeat for each row, then tape a strip across the top.

Make It Yours: Try yellow and black for a construction party; greens (with paper flowers) for a springy theme; or blue and white (waves!) for a beach or pool party.

3. Stripe It Up

Birthday Craft Stripe It Up Red and Gray

Amber Day

Plan the route your streamers will take across the wall, table, or furniture and attach a piece of double-stick tape or removable glue dot at the start. Attach one end to the wall. Continue to add tape or glue dots in 1-foot intervals until you reach the destination. Repeat with additional streamers, alternating colors in your pattern.

Make It Yours: Create a racetrack with black and white; channel Harold and the Purple Crayon with purple squiggles; make a rainbow; design a treasurehunt path; or try red security beams for a spy party.

4. Tie on a Garland

Birthday Craft Tie On A Garland Red Yellow Green Blue

Amber Day

 Cut streamers into 12-inch strips (use at least two colors). Fold the strip in half. About an inch from the fold, twist the paper together, forming a loop at the top. You might have to tape it after twisting so that it stays in place. Thread onto rope or decorative string, alternating colors as you go. Fringe the ends using scissors.

Make It Yours: Use pink, white, and gold for your ballerina; red and white for a circus fest; pink, orange, blue, and yellow for a fun fiesta; or purple, black, teal, and silver for a rock-star bash.

Beautiful Balloons

These smart twists update the party classic. No helium is required, but you’ll want to use a balloon hand pump for all.

Birthday Craft Beautiful Balloons Purple Number Seven
Ryan Liebe

1. Pump Up a Number

Using painter’s tape, plan out the shape of the number on the wall. Blow up a collection of 5” mini dart balloons and 11” party balloons, knotting each (we used about 50). Use loops of white gaffer tape (get it on Amazon) to attach them to the wall. Layer and tuck in extra balloons on top for a fuller look.

Attach a tabletop celebration arch (available at party supply stores) to your table. You’ll need about 80 fiveinch balloons. Inflate two balloons and knot the ends together. Repeat with another pair, then twist both sets together so you create a clover. Set aside and repeat with remaining balloons. To assemble the arch, twist each clover set onto the frame. Use doublestick tape to attach additional balloons.

Make It Yours: Go with black, gray, and red for Star Wars fans; yellow and blue for Minion lovers; or green and black for little Minecrafters.

2. Make a Chain

Birthday Craft Make A Chain Green Yellow Blue Balloons

Amber Day

Fill a twisting balloon (the kind you’d use for balloon animals) ¾ of the way full and knot the end. Tightly tie the remaining tail to the knot, forming the first “link”; trim off any extra. Inflate a second balloon, loop it through the first, then tie it off the same way. Repeat until you’ve reached the desired length.

Make It Yours: Link black, red, and white for a pirate party; blues and greens for an under-the-sea theme (hello, Ariel!); combine the colors of favorite superheroes; or go all-gold for a fancy dress-up soiree.

3. Create An Animal

Birthday Craft Create An Animal Unicorn Balloon

Amber Day

Print and cut out our unicorn template and trace onto patterned paper. Cut out the shapes and, using double-stick tape, attach the body parts to an inflated 11” balloon. Tape a piece of fishing line to the top of the head and the tail to hang.

Make It Yours: We’ve created additional templates for dinosaurs and a cat, dog, and bird, but have fun making your own add-ons too: Roll paper into cones to create balloon ice-cream cones, or tape on streamers for jellyfish!

Hats That Party

What’s a birthday without some festive headwear? With easy add-ons, these special toppers become mini costumes!

Birthday Craft Hat Party Pizza Cone HatRyan Liebe

1. Choose a Food

To Make a Pizza Hat: Cut out red “pepperoni” and green “C”-shaped “peppers” from red and green paper. Cut out mushroom shapes from gray paper. Attach to a yellow party hat with glue dots. Twist brown kraft paper and secure around the edges of the hat with hot glue to make the crust.

To Make an Ice Cream Hat: Disassemble a party hat and trace it onto a brown paper grocery bag. Cut out and place on a cooling rack. Rub the paper with brown crayon to transfer the pattern onto the paper. Turn 90 degrees and rub again to create a grid. Roll the hat into a cone shape and staple. Hot-glue the brown paper around it. Glue two rows of pom-poms around the top of the cone. Cut out a melted ice cream shape (about 3”x6”) from cardstock. Attach paper to hat base with hot glue and add washi tape sprinkles. Glue ribbon underneath the hat to tie around the head.

2. Play With Stickers

Birthday Craft Play With Stickers Green Monster Cone Hat

Amber Day

To add monster eyes to a colorful party hat, stick 1-inch white office dots on the outside and then put ½-inch black office dots on top. To add the mouth, trim white mailing labels into triangles for teeth; line the top with a black Sharpie.

Make It Yours: Use colored sale dots on white hats (sweet and simple); layer a few rows of dots in a scale or feather pattern (great for a zoo party); or create constellations with small yellow dots and black hats for an outerspace theme.

3. Attach a Tail

Birthday Craft Attach A Tail Pink Mermaid Tail Cone Hat

Amber Day

Print out, cut, and trace the mermaid tail template twice onto patterned paper. Attach gold rickrack to the back edge of one tail piece with glue dots. Attach a wooden skewer to the centre of the tail with glue dots or tape (be sure to leave a few inches exposed on the bottom); attach the second tail on top. Insert the skewer into the hole at the top of the party hat and secure with glue dot. Cut off excess.

Make It Yours: Try it with orange and black for Nemo or swap in a shark fin instead.

4. Make “Wigs”

Birthday Craft Make Wigs Purple Trolls Hair Cone Hat

Amber Day

Obsessed with trolls? He’ll love these “hair” hats: Trace a 3-inch lid on cardstock. Cut out the circle, then cut it in half for ears. Make a small fold, then hot-glue each ear flap to the sides of the hat. Wrap 6-inch-wide tulle around the base; secure edges with hot glue. Wrap until you have a puffy base. Cut about 10 strips of tulle slightly taller than the hat, and glue to the inside. Flip the hat over and gather the tulle at the point. Tie with fishing line.

Make It Yours: Attach Princess Leia yarn buns to each side; or glue red pom-poms on the sides for crazy clown hair.

Cutie Cupcakes

Simple techniques can take your cakes from ho-hum to whoa!

Birthday Craft Cutie Cupcakes Checkerboard StarburstRyan Liebe

1. Design a Checkerboard

On top of iced cupcakes, arrange Starburst Minis in lines with alternating colors. Swap in any favorite mini candy and colors. Sour Patch Kids, anyone?

2. Double Up

Birthday Craft Blue Mini Robot Cupcake

Amber Day

Pop a mini cake on top of a standard one and you’ve instantly got a head. For a robot, secure a mini cupcake to a standard-size one with a pretzel rod. Add features with your kid’s favorite small candies, snacks, and treats.

Make It Yours: Trim the cupcakes into squares and stack them up to create Lego characters. You can even make a twostory fairy house: Spread frosting on the bottom cake into a slope; place the mini one on top. Swirl on more frosting and add a cherry on the peak. Decorate it with little candies, gingerbread-style.

3. Bake a Pull-Apart Cake

Birthday Craft Pull Apart Cake of Clouds Cupcakes

Amber Day

You can use a template for characters and objects (there are loads online), or just freehand a form like our cloud cake. Assemble your cakes individually frosted, or unify them all with a solid layerof white icing. Top with white edible sparkles and a mini cupcake and fondant sun.

Make It Yours: Chain them together to make a snake, caterpillar, or train; create a flower bouquet; a ball of any kind; a soccer field; a sun; a favorite emoji… whatever it is, you can do it!

4. Have Fun With Fondant

Birthday Craft Fondant Cupcakes Fish and Bear

Amber Day

With a few colors of prepared fondant and basic cookie cutters, you can create easy, graphic designs. Find a reference online, print it out, and trace it onto freezer paper to use as a template. Fondant pieces can be attached to each other with a damp fingertip.

Make It Yours: The key to a pro look when you’re starting out is to stick with simple shapes. Layer concentric circles for Captain America’s shield or combine circles and triangles to make a simple fish. For a bear, you’d use a large circle for the head and cut a smaller one in half for ears!


15 Great Places to Have a Party

Kids at Birthday Party with Cake on FacesMonkey Business Images/

1. A Is for Apple

Go apple picking, and kids can harvest their own healthy goodie bag while they get fresh air and exercise. Some orchards offer bonus activities, like visits with farm animals.

2. Teddy and Me

Birthday guests make a furry friend from scratch. Kids choose, stuff, and accessorize their bear and then take it home. Check out for locations.

3. Crafty Idea

Paint your own pottery–mugs, bowls, plates–at a ceramics studio.

4. Five-Alarm Fire

For a donation, many fire departments offer their space and time. Young partygoers can talk with firefighters, try out equipment, and even hop aboard the truck. But beware, if the fire bell rings, the party is over!

From crayons to jelly beans to potato chips–your kids can find out how their favorite stuff is made on a tour of a local factory, with free samples and goodie bags waiting at the end.

6. Sundae School

Your local ice-cream shop provides the ice cream and the toppings, you provide the sugar monsters. Contact a parlor in your town, or log on to for Scoop Shop locations.

7. Bowling Bonanza

Your party will have a ball bumper bowling at your nearest alley. Don’t forget to wear socks!

8. Gym Dandy

Many fitness clubs, recreation centers, and Ys offer high-energy activities such as swimming, basketball, and games.

9. Ice Is Nice

Kids can heat up on the ice with skating, games, and music. Skate rentals are often included in the per-child price, and rinks usually have an event room for gifts and birthday cake.

10. Something Fishy

Touch tanks, crafts, and specially guided kid tours are sure to be fun for everyone.

11. Young at Art

Find a museum that offers special kids’ exhibits and programs, and take the gang.

12. The Great Outdoors

Host a party at a nature center or botanical garden. The fun includes nature walks, plantings, and other projects.

13. Say Cheese!

Young chefs design a personal pie and then chow down.

14. Karate Kids

Little ones will get a kick out of a party at a martial-arts studio. They can play games and learn real karate kicks appropriate to their age.

15. Where the Wild Things Are

Head to the zoo and check out the animals by touring with a staff member, or zoo-it-yourself and host your own group viewing.


Easy Nature-Inspired Crafts for Kids

Craft making should not be scary or expensive, but fun and easy for the whole family to enjoy. It’s amazing what you can find in your very own backyard, and in the cupboards that hold all your wrapping paper and other odd bits. The best part is being creative, coming up with alternative tools, and spending time with your kids.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Bird Mobile

These adorable birds will make any child’s imagination soar. We think flat shells work best for this project, but experiment with different shapes. Hang them individually, or try suspending a flock of birds from the ceiling in your kid’s bedroom using hooks or pushpins.

Pebble Owl Family

This little clan of owls is so whimsical that it’s sure to inspire your kid’s creativity. You can use acrylic paints or brush pens, which you may find easier to control on small areas. When looking for the right pebbles, try to find ones with flat bottoms so they can stand up on their own.

Printed Hand-Bag

This project is a lovely activity to have at a spring birthday party or playdate: When it’s time to go home, everyone takes a gift bag and party favour in one! Plain fabric bags can be found at most crafts stores or online, ready to be decorated with pretty patterns. Or print the design onto a plain white T-shirt instead.

Driftwood Monsters

On your next trip to the seashore, look for driftwood on the sand. Add smaller pieces together, and you’ve got a sculpture! When you get home, look at each piece of wood, turning it this way and that: Start placing bits together to make a figure or an animal.

Leaf-Print Easter Eggs

We don’t know one kid who doesn’t love collecting leaves. This project will allow them to discover the amazing variety of leaf shapes that can be found in your backyard. Ferns and groups of small, delicate leaves work well. The eggs are coloured with a little food colouring—try delicate pastel colours for a charming display.

Twig Letters

These brightly coloured letters are a great way to personalise your child’s room or create a name-plate above her bed (have her make one for her BFF while she’s at it!). They’re also a fun way to decorate a present: Wrap the box in bright tissue paper and tie on the recipient’s initial with a pretty ribbon.

Sun Plaque

Next time your family is on a nature walk, point out how many different types of grass you can spot (you’ll be surprised how many there actually are) and pick some of your favourites to use in this craft. It will look lovely on a playroom wall or porch.

Wind Chime

A great project for your eco-avenger: Hang this pretty wind chime in the garden on your family’s fave tree or outside a window and listen to the gentle clink of shells in the breeze. If you can’t get hold of coloured raffia, tie the shells together with brightly coloured ribbon.


Easy-to-Clean-Up Crafts for Kids

Do you want to occupy your kids with crafts but don’t want to be up all night steam-cleaning the carpets? Check out these easy-to-clean-up ideas that use items you probably already have at home — or easily can pick up on the cheap at your local craft store.

Button Bracelets

Pull out that overflowing button box and some thin ribbon or cord and let your kids thread together the designs of their choosing into cute button bracelets.

Stone Owls

First, send your kids on a backyard treasure hunt to find some flat white or light-coloured stones. Then, spread out the washable markers and let them draw on their owls—or whatever animal face they choose.

Shoe Box Animals

Cover some shoe boxes with inside-out wrapping paper to create a white backdrop and then let the kiddos get to work with construction paper, pipe cleaners and googley eyes to create their own personal shoe box animal friend.

Glove Monsters

Say goodbye to winter by turning your single gloves (where did their matches disappear to?!) into adorable stuffed monsters. All you need is a little batting, buttons, felt, needle and thread for beginning sewers to get started.

Stained Glass Kites

Perfect for a team of older and younger siblings, this project turns tissue paper squares into faux stained glass. An older child (or you) can create the kite “frame” out of construction paper and clear contact paper, while little ones can fill in the mosaic. Add a ribbon or string tail with construction paper flags and hang on a window for the whole family to enjoy.

Pool Noodle Spiders

Who knew slices of pool noodles or pot scrubs could be so cute? Even tiny tots can decorate these pool noodle spiders with the sticky dots and googley eyes, and pipe cleaner legs are easy to attach with just a little help from mum or dad.


Party Themes

When you think about it, there are so many ideas and themes that you are able to choose from for a party. It could be dependant on the age, season or whether the child is a boy or a girl, but overall, there is sure a theme that will suit you for what you are after.

Here are some ideas that could help you decide on a theme for your next party.

  • Halloween
  • Costume
  • Fancy Dress
  • Era (1920s, 1950s, 1980s, etc)
  • Masquerade
  • Dance
  • Disco
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • Beach
  • Slumber
  • Willy Wonka’s Chocolate
  • Mermaid
  • Pirate
  • Ninja
  • Fairy
  • Clown
  • Princess
  • Cowboys & Indians

The list goes on, and on, and on. Honestly, you can actually think up of anything and turn it into a party. It’s that simple.

Halloween Theme

Halloween DecorationsGhosts, ghouls, witches, bats, spiders, haunted houses, pumpkins and goons. Don’t forget Halloween on the 31st of October.

There is nothing better than a Halloween themed party full of tricks and treats for everyone.

Get yourself prepared for the next Halloween feast where kids (and adults) of all ages can join in on all the festivities to celebrate the day of the dead and share some ghost stories.

Don’t forget to get yourself the best pumpkin out there and carve it into something scary.