Easy Nature-Inspired Crafts for Kids

Craft making should not be scary or expensive, but fun and easy for the whole family to enjoy. It’s amazing what you can find in your very own backyard, and in the cupboards that hold all your wrapping paper and other odd bits. The best part is being creative, coming up with alternative tools, and spending time with your kids.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Bird Mobile

These adorable birds will make any child’s imagination soar. We think flat shells work best for this project, but experiment with different shapes. Hang them individually, or try suspending a flock of birds from the ceiling in your kid’s bedroom using hooks or pushpins.

Pebble Owl Family

This little clan of owls is so whimsical that it’s sure to inspire your kid’s creativity. You can use acrylic paints or brush pens, which you may find easier to control on small areas. When looking for the right pebbles, try to find ones with flat bottoms so they can stand up on their own.

Printed Hand-Bag

This project is a lovely activity to have at a spring birthday party or playdate: When it’s time to go home, everyone takes a gift bag and party favour in one! Plain fabric bags can be found at most crafts stores or online, ready to be decorated with pretty patterns. Or print the design onto a plain white T-shirt instead.

Driftwood Monsters

On your next trip to the seashore, look for driftwood on the sand. Add smaller pieces together, and you’ve got a sculpture! When you get home, look at each piece of wood, turning it this way and that: Start placing bits together to make a figure or an animal.

Leaf-Print Easter Eggs

We don’t know one kid who doesn’t love collecting leaves. This project will allow them to discover the amazing variety of leaf shapes that can be found in your backyard. Ferns and groups of small, delicate leaves work well. The eggs are coloured with a little food colouring—try delicate pastel colours for a charming display.

Twig Letters

These brightly coloured letters are a great way to personalise your child’s room or create a name-plate above her bed (have her make one for her BFF while she’s at it!). They’re also a fun way to decorate a present: Wrap the box in bright tissue paper and tie on the recipient’s initial with a pretty ribbon.

Sun Plaque

Next time your family is on a nature walk, point out how many different types of grass you can spot (you’ll be surprised how many there actually are) and pick some of your favourites to use in this craft. It will look lovely on a playroom wall or porch.

Wind Chime

A great project for your eco-avenger: Hang this pretty wind chime in the garden on your family’s fave tree or outside a window and listen to the gentle clink of shells in the breeze. If you can’t get hold of coloured raffia, tie the shells together with brightly coloured ribbon.

Source: parenting.com

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