Easy-to-Clean-Up Crafts for Kids

Do you want to occupy your kids with crafts but don’t want to be up all night steam-cleaning the carpets? Check out these easy-to-clean-up ideas that use items you probably already have at home — or easily can pick up on the cheap at your local craft store.

Button Bracelets

Pull out that overflowing button box and some thin ribbon or cord and let your kids thread together the designs of their choosing into cute button bracelets.

Stone Owls

First, send your kids on a backyard treasure hunt to find some flat white or light-coloured stones. Then, spread out the washable markers and let them draw on their owls—or whatever animal face they choose.

Shoe Box Animals

Cover some shoe boxes with inside-out wrapping paper to create a white backdrop and then let the kiddos get to work with construction paper, pipe cleaners and googley eyes to create their own personal shoe box animal friend.

Glove Monsters

Say goodbye to winter by turning your single gloves (where did their matches disappear to?!) into adorable stuffed monsters. All you need is a little batting, buttons, felt, needle and thread for beginning sewers to get started.

Stained Glass Kites

Perfect for a team of older and younger siblings, this project turns tissue paper squares into faux stained glass. An older child (or you) can create the kite “frame” out of construction paper and clear contact paper, while little ones can fill in the mosaic. Add a ribbon or string tail with construction paper flags and hang on a window for the whole family to enjoy.

Pool Noodle Spiders

Who knew slices of pool noodles or pot scrubs could be so cute? Even tiny tots can decorate these pool noodle spiders with the sticky dots and googley eyes, and pipe cleaner legs are easy to attach with just a little help from mum or dad.

Source: parenting.com

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