Fantastic Birthday Cake Ideas

A birthday is not complete without the grand finale of a birthday cake to be eaten by all.

Here are some great ideas that may help you with your next birthday project.

Balloons Make Everything Better

Add some small balloons and a few wooden dowels for a magical cake.

Edible Flowers

Bring colour, texture and healthiness to your cake by adding edible flowers.

Go Naked, Cake Style

Naked cakes are becoming increasingly popular as they require less frosting skills.

Crush Chips Ahoy Cookies...

Decorate your cake with animal figurines and crushed cookies.

Take It One Step Further With Chocolate Ganache

Who doesn’t like a chocolate ganache on their cake! It’s tasty and pretty.

Crush Oreos ...

Making this type of cake allows for fun and creativity, and it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes.

Fish Cake

Group cupcakes together for an adorable fish birthday cake.

Use the Magic of Oreos to Create Owl Cupcakes

These owl cupcakes are a great idea for not only birthdays, but also Halloween.

Give Them a Surprise With a PiƱata Cake

There is nothing better than a surprise cake. Not only with the kids love it, but the adults will want a piece too.


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