Fruit Sushi Kids Will Love

When you think of kid’s parties, sushi is not usually what comes to mind. Here is a great recipe that will surely be a hit at your next kids party.

Party Food: Fruit Sushi. These make a great after-school snack!

Cantaloupe Sushi

  • Cut chunks of cantaloupe
  • Cucumber: Use vegetable peeler to peel long thin slices
  • Wrap cucumber slices around cantaloupe and secure with toothpick
  • Sprinkle with coconut (or other form of sprinkle you desire)

Banana Sushi

  • Slice bananas into chunks
  • Use fruit leather (the kind you find in the produce section, where they don’t add any sugar)
  • Wrap fruit leather around banana
  • Sprinkle with coconut

Not only do they look delicious, but your kids will have loads of fun helping you make these healthier alternative treats.


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